Bud Blake

Bud Blake
Bud BlakeThurston County Commissioner Position 3

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Bud Blake has been active in the Thurston County community since arriving 22 years ago. Bud believes in bettering his community through civic activities. You will likely find Bud unloading a truck of supplies to help a food bank and shelter, volunteering to judge a Lincoln-Douglas debate for local high school students, or participating in a long list of local events and fundraisers ranging from aquaponics to zoos.

Bud was born in Mobile, Alabama, and received a bachelor’s degree in Russian and Eastern European Studies from the University of Oregon in 1986. He also graduated from Chapman University with a Master’s in Organizational Leadership and later a Masters in Human Resource Management. Bud retired from the US Armed Forces, serving 25 years.

Bud and his wife Mary recently celebrated their 30th wedding anniversary and are blessed with three wonderful daughters. Additionally, they welcomed their first granddaughter last year. Bud has two younger brothers who work in the fields of politics and finance and who also enjoy serving their communities.

Bud serves on the following committees: Chair of the Thurston Mason Behavioral Health Organization, Chair of the Thurston Thrives Housing Action Team.  Bud is also a member of the Alliance for Healthy South Sound, Intercity Transit Authority, Law and Justice Council, Fire Commission Association, Chehalis Basin Flood Partnership, Emergency Management Services Council, Washington State Association of Counties (WSAC) Legislative Steering Committee, WSAC Coastal Council, Thurston 9-1-1 Communications Administration Board, Military Veterans Legislative Council, Economic Development Council, and Washington Counties Risk Pool.

Bud’s love of Thurston County and its people is what inspires him to serve the public. Of the 39 counties in Washington, Thurston County is unique in its geography and people. It is a model county encompassing all aspects of a prosperous community, from rural to metropolitan, government to private sector, conservative to liberal, environmental preservation to growth. It has a rich agricultural heritage and continue to adopt innovative social, economic and technological policies for a bright future. Bud takes pride in his vision for Thurston 2025 by bringing a balance between people, business, and environment.

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