Accomplishments | Vote Bud Blake

In my first term, here are some examples of the accomplishments &  progress we’ve made:

  • We opened the county jail.  The jail was sitting unopen, costing taxpayers nearly four million dollars annually.  To preserve the law and justice in our county, I took the lead to ensure that this asset was fully functioning within four weeks of being sworn in!
  • Habit Conservation.  In order to remove a substantial backlog of permits, I worked with our planning staff and expanded the hours of the permit assistance center to full days.  This has resulted in a 200% increase in efficiency.  We’re using responsible development policy that will preserve our habitat for generations.
  • I have worked tirelessly with our labor relationships, the people who keep the county safe, healthy and our infrastructure moving forward.  I have developed trusting relationships that strengthen the county’s workforce.

But there’s more to do!

  • I am working on behavioral health integration with law and justice.  I have a passion for fixing the homeless issue plaguing our streets and allocating services properly to the people that need it most.
  • I am working to create an economic engine for our county that will bring living family wage jobs to our community.  We are looking for businesses that will be good neighbors, good stewards of our land, and bring economic prosperity that our county deserves.

And much much more!

I need your help to continue the momentum!

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